kawaii-despair sent:

You r not invitd to my party Just comin bac to remind u ur not invitd .... I forgot to wash my hands

kawaii-despair sent:

Get off my dingy Not you


kawaii-despair sent:

Fuor suppoer, I would liek a parteh platteh

cheeseburgerpalooza sent:

Wow, nice photo! Youre really cutie patootie

oh man thank you so much!!!!!! that means a lot!!! 

ehehehe thank you!!!! 
you know it (; 

gabbergator sent:

aw man just wanted to tell you that that picture's super cute and you look super rad and I'm really glad you had fun !!

oh man thank you so much that means a lot!!!

For those who didn’t see on instagram or Facebook I had GLSEN prom Saturday! It was really rad, I was asked to dance a couple times and I messed around with Nic, Sam, and some others. I felt really confident too! Overall a really nice night!


i was going to do more but then i got tired and lazy so just. this is it.


'i-im not scared..just startled..'


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